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Rescuing those in need of warm beds and kind hearts.

Whether you are rescuing cats to foster/adopt or working towards the goal of TNR, we are able to help.


Our rescue team and community has plenty of experience (30 years +) and can to provide advice and (if available) cat traps, crates, etc. to help the process be as smooth as possible. 

If you are in need of assistance, please fill out the form below. Please review the attached Request for Assistance (RFA) Terms of Agreement and Code of Ethics and Conduct Policy. 

Cat Rescue: What We Do


Would you like CLAWS to help you find a home for a stray or abandoned pet?

Fill out the below online Request for Assistance, read and acknowledge the Request for Assistance Terms of Agreement and the CLAWS Code of Ethics & Conduct Policy located below, then click "submit". Once received, CLAWS will contact you to discuss your application and our "Request for Assistance" program. Please note that a home visit may be required.

Will you be using a CLAWS veterinarian?

Thanks for submitting!

Cat Rescue: Support
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